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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


hurmm...rindu ker?..misss...eh?...
i'll use up the rest of the life i have.
i 'll tell of my heart that i've had for a long time..
Even if we seperate so many times,
we're going to see each other again..
fate doesn't forget and takes us away.
it'll tie us on the same day and in the same place,
i end the seperation that follows us..
and i get on my knees before you
From the beginning it was ONLY YOU..
ALL of my LOVE just for YOU....

hurm...inilah coretan aku..dlm english time nie..
saje jer aku tulis sbb perasaan time tu cmtu..
ntah laaa..
RINDU DATANG LAGI.....hurmmm...

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